NEW CathexisVision System Design tool

The Cathexis design tool allows you to input all the parameters of your site, including camera numbers, frame rates, resolution as well as the number of days storage required for your solution. It will then suggest the best recording servers for your application and supply you with a bill of materials (BOM) for the CathexisVision licenses that are required to satisfy the requirements that you have provided.

For more information on how to use the Design Tool, please click the following link DESIGNTOOL TUTORIAL VIDEOS

Note: You are required to re-register for the new design tool and your registration will also require approval. This is to ensure that we can deliver accurate and comprehensive system designs.

Legacy hardware and license design tool

The legacy hardware and licensing design tools are no longer available. We apologies for any inconveniences.

We recommend that you sign up to use the new improved design tool for your projects.

You are welcome to contact us at for further assistance.